Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clothes don't grow on trees

Do you happen to have a clothes tree?

They come in handy when you don’t have a closet or you a place to hang your garments.

We were discussing clothes trees the other day when we visited a shop with no place for customers’ coats.

One of the little children wanted to know what it was because she had never seen one.

They come in wood, brass, stainless steel, plastic as well as wicker. We have seen some modern ones in offices, restaurants and classrooms.

They can solve the problem of where to put your outer garment at work.

They provide a convenient place in the bathroom to hang your robe while bathing.

I came from a family of carpenters, so we has plenty of clothes trees.

We even had some small ones for the children to hang up their own coats.

Today, one of our nieces put a wicker one in her kids’ rooms for their night clothes.
In one of our bedrooms there isn’t a closet; there are two large clothes trees, one on each side of the bed.

There is a large closet down the hall where those who use that bedroom keep their garments.

A corner closet was always going to be built in that room, but it hasn’t happened yet.

In your children’s rooms are hooks low enough for the kids to hang their things? This is something so convenient for them.

When we were growing up, the kids had our own hooks and places for our footwear in inclement weather.

They are still there and when our small relatives come for visits they put the hooks into good use.

This is a wonderful arrangement because you don’t have coats, jackets and caps strung all over the house.

In stores, magazines and catalogs you see small stools decorated to attract children and they are quite expensive.

You can make your own wooden box as a step stool for the small children to place at the sink for them to wash up.

A few scraps of wood can be used to make the box for the children to stand on.
Sometimes a child will move a chair up to the sink, but the chair can slip and the child can fall and sometimes get hurt badly.

If you have a child who belongs to a Scout troop who has younger siblings, they could suggest to the leader they might construct such boxes to be used at home or maybe as a fundraiser

In many homes you might see low shelves holding trucks, cars, games, books, blocks, Legos and the like for the children to play with and then return to the shelves.

The person who thought of that construction was very smart and thoughtful to kids.

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