Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time to plan your garden

Spring’s coming quickly; it’s time to start planning for the season.

Is this the year you start a garden?

Or are going to expand or scale back your existing garden?

Each year I ask myself whether I’m going to have a vegetable garden or not.
My family says “you say that every year and you know you are.”
If you didn’t have those fresh tomatoes picked from the vine, those cucumbers, peppers and string beans fresh-picked from my garden, I guess I wouldn’t be happy. However, we have quite a few roadside stands that offer these vegetables and I guess I could get them from there.

But, what would I do with the garden space? Do I want more lawn to mow every week? The garden some weeks doesn’t require any maintenance, so I always talk myself into a veggie garden. Squash vines take up lots of room and don’t require any care to speak of.

But, back to thoughts of spring. It’s time to get the lawn mower to your mechanic to have it overhauled so it will be in good working condition. Grass is one of the first things to do when the weather turns warm.

Our winter was so mild, many growing things have come to life earlier than usual. I know snowmobilers and skiers weren’t too happy to find they had to travel miles to where there was snow to enjoy their sports.

It’s time to think about getting building materials together; now would be a good time to visit your local lumber yards or supply stores for various projects that you didn’t get done last year. It’s surprising how new “miracle materials” make some jobs so much easier for the “do-it-yourself-er.”
Today's tools are so much easier for people like me, who who once used hand tools without even electricity. Now it’s batteries and gasoline that do the tough jobs.

Does one of your buildings need a new roof? Have you seen what has happened in the roofing industry? There are so many different kinds of materials to use in replacing a roof it’s amazing. Our old barn is in need of a new cover and I’m just beginning to learn what’s available. Decisions, decisions...

While we are thinking spring, don’t forget your winter tools that will need attention before they are put up for the spring/summer.

Yes, I guess it’s going to become a busy year; just go into any building, hardware, nursery or other department store and see the people that are beginning to fill them.

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