Thursday, January 26, 2012

January drawing to a close

It’s almost the end of January and have you got all of your Christmas put away yet? Some people who get clothing on Christmas wear them the next day, so all can see what Santa brought them. Others piece them out so that everyone doesn’t notice these things, unless of course it’s a diamond engagement ring, and then you are waving that left hand around with finger extended so that you can’t help but notice it and comment on it.

I’m beginning to think it will be well into February before Christmas boxes get put away. Some gifts that I received that need thought as to where I am going to use them. Some need fixtures for hanging, some need to be put away until spring or summer, while others need to go back to the store to exchange.

I’ve been having trouble finding replacement bulbs for my Christmas tree lights, not the tiny ones but the regular size that were once so common. I finally located and purchased some but not in the colors I would have liked. Bummer.

Income tax time’s arriving, and it’s time to pay all those holiday bills. There are also taxes, water bills, perhaps mortgage payment, car insurance or homeowners that comes due in January and you feel overloaded with disbursements on the family budget. If you are efficient and smart you might have already sent in your income tax and have your refund (if you have one) back so it can help pay some of these expenses. Good for you. I’m still trying to collect all of the necessary data to get ready to file a tax with no refund, I guess that is why I don’t rush to get them done. Some of the information I need isn’t ready until February, so we can’t be one of the early birds anyway.

In collecting material for taxes do you run into piles of old paperwork? How far back should you keep cancelled checks, receipts, important papers, auto, house, etc. policies? When the auditor came to the office back when I was working I asked him and he said seven years, but by the same token one of the other auditors who came I asked the same question and he looked at me in horror and said “never throw away anything of importance!” So I have a few more boxes that are ready to be placed in the attic with all of the others. Will I ever need them? Good question, but if I do, I will have them, and that eases my mind.

January is also a good time to get rid of all the magazines, books and other reading material that you planned to read in 2011 and never got around to it. Either read it now in these blah days of the month or toss it. The pile will only get that much bigger if you don’t lower it now.

January is a good time to weed out and start fresh; am I the only one who thinks that?

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